A few texts by Alexander Krakolinig. You can find more on his website: www.alexanderkrakolinig.com


Don't belive everything you think!

Reality? Truth so far unclarified concepts. What is the reality everyone is talking about? We have more than 7 billion realities and everyone lives a slightly different. You can not even be sure that you live your "own" because we are all constantly affected by the flow of information from others, subliminal messages in radio, TV, newspaper that you want to persuade certain things to family evenings that are energetically more connected with you.

The main problem, however, is that many do not even dare to think otherwise. There have been some scientific experiments on how group thinking causes individuals to go along even though they initially did not think so. What is thus perceived by several persons as perceptible also determines the perceptual possibilities of the individual. We are a walking radio that receives and depending on the frequency setting you get this or that through, but it has nothing to do with you. But you are simply a perceiving being who picks up and passes on the collected frequencies of a collective consciousness. 99% of the thoughts and feelings you perceive are not yours.
An Eskimo can differentiate 20 kinds of fresh snow or recently I was told that also green oranges and bananas are very delicious (in India) which was strange, because in Europe we are with the idea that they were immature, there are even red, purble bananas etc. We orient ourselves in our world around a common sense. Even when I was in India for 2 months, it was still funny for me to see red bananas and accept them as edible.
People who have never been to Australia or Uranus believe it exists because we agreed.


What is love? Why are people jelouse? How to become the Dreampartner?

In the last time i asked a lot of times different people what is love and mostly they described me what desire is.because they never saw it that way. I will show you by an example what i mean.

So if you love something like your child or your pet you always will love it doesnt matter what they do.right?So its unconditionally love. you dont expect something back. And if i would say to you now deep into your eyes i love you. You would feel weird if you dont know me or be a man you would think are you gay or what do you want from me. But if i would say you are an asshole you wouldnt care that much or if you take it personal you may say you too.

Victim vs. offender vs. helper

In my seminars #theforceinyou i am always teaching that its a choice to be a victim or the offender. You can choose every 8 seconds a new reality and also be able to go into selfmastery and create the situation you want. Its always your choice if you go into selfresponsibility and do your thing and focus on the solution or you choose to be a victim of the self created problems and cry about them the whole life.

The top 3 excuses from a victim who dont want to go on in his life and love to stay in his paining comfortzone are ..: i have no time, i have no money, i have children… and the favourite words in their vocabolary is NO and BUT.

So how more you are aware of this how easier you will immediatly see if the person wants to be a victim or not. Victims always have a answer why they cant do anything and why they are trapped. So instead of letting go and looking for a new perspective they just want to be in right that they have the right to have their problem and they will defend it as long as possible. So dont listen to any storys and stop creating one. Its all about manipulation just that the person can stay in their own created victim role. Questions will be like : could you be so nice to do me a favour, because you are stronger, taller ect…no the real fact is you are just to lazy bastard /bitch and to comfortable in your confizone to do it by yourself. There are people without limbs who are more active and living then you!!

How to get much more money!?

I helped many people with cash problems to heal their deficiency, today I give a lot more information on how to attract it easy.
Here are also some books and videos for self-study much joy in abundance. All the best
Money is energy and energy has to flow! Are you in resonance with the big energy field of money or do you have to earn your money on a hard way? There is abundance in the universe, everything is abundant. Your task, therefore, is to bring you in resonance with this abundance. Improve your energetic connections to the inner and outer wealth and the relationship to money and transform the subconscious energetic condensations. Money affects all areas of life and is sometimes heavily burdened with emotional energy. Each one determines for himself what importance he assigns money in his life.

But what if you fail, even though you are doing everything you can to give yourself and your family a reasonably comfortable life? Obviously, cumbersome beliefs and limiting beliefs are blamed for it. But beyond that, there are deeper causes that hinder a successful flow of money.
In my seminar, the following energetic blockades, resistances, limitations and distortions are specifically transformed:


Who am I? What i am doing in The Force In You SEMINARS?
What happens after the Seminar? Process from Beginner to Master

Because of many times missunderstanding of who i am or what i am doing and some questions from students i thought it would be a good idea to write a note about it. Thank you for taking the time to try to understand.

I think this question can open a lot in you when you just sit still and ask yourself who you really are… In my “spiritual” journey over the last 10 years i found out that i had many identifications before from being a martial artist, triathlet, artist, stuntmen, model, dancer, teacher, healer ect. but at the same time it was just a job what i did and i never really liked to be fully limited by being just one thing what i could do well, thats why i did always everything to understand everything i was searching always for more knowledge, i was such a junkie that i watch more 500 documentarys about free energie, healing, ufos, atlantis, lemuria ect, every year and did before even more then 200 sports and tested every year 3 new sports and did more then 20 jobs. Over the last 7 years i traveled around 50 countrys and was constantly in movement and people couldnt even understand how i did all the stuff in such a short time and said you are living many lifes at the same time. Some people know already a little bit of my story from my interviews that i came from extrem sport to extrem spirituality to heal my back prolaps so if you want to know more about that journey just listen to this



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