How to get much more money!?

I helped many people with cash problems to heal their deficiency, today I give a lot more information on how to attract it easy.
Here are also some books and videos for self-study much joy in abundance. All the best
Money is energy and energy has to flow! Are you in resonance with the big energy field of money or do you have to earn your money on a hard way? There is abundance in the universe, everything is abundant. Your task, therefore, is to bring you in resonance with this abundance. Improve your energetic connections to the inner and outer wealth and the relationship to money and transform the subconscious energetic condensations. Money affects all areas of life and is sometimes heavily burdened with emotional energy. Each one determines for himself what importance he assigns money in his life.

But what if you fail, even though you are doing everything you can to give yourself and your family a reasonably comfortable life? Obviously, cumbersome beliefs and limiting beliefs are blamed for it. But beyond that, there are deeper causes that hinder a successful flow of money.
In my seminar, the following energetic blockades, resistances, limitations and distortions are specifically transformed:


1) Emotional charges in relation to money and wealth
2) Programs, conditioning, wrong beliefs about money and wealth
3) Individual lack of thinking
4) Influences from the ancestral field
5) Breaking Resistance from the Current and Past Life
6) Promises, Oaths, Oaths and Poverty Vows.

I synchronize your energy field with the big field of money and wealth. Then we transform step by step existing energetic influences, in order to activate the swing for money and wealth in your energy field. This creates a changed charisma and you get more and more in resonance with money and assets and pull it successfully into your life. As it should be!

10 common beliefs that prevent you from getting rich.

Faith pattern 1

The belief that money is only needed for survival or security or for a reasonably good life, according to the motto: I do not need more. This pattern of faith shows that you do not really want wealth, you only want money so as not to lose. So it is not a wealth but actually a poverty program, because there is too much focus on the lack!

Faith and Action Pattern 2
I try to get rich, but if it does not work out, that’s okay with me too. Many think so, because there is still a kind of „money not really appreciate“ – pattern exists. If you think so, you’re actually giving your subconscious two choices, two goals to choose from (trying to get rich, if not, then OK) – and of course your subconscious mind will choose the more comfortable one to reach (the subconscious mind is programmed to always find the easiest way!) So to think so is a program of poverty!

Behavioral Pattern 3
Often talking to other people about their problems, worries or failures. This is a loser pattern. The successful person does not think about or has problems, but also focuses on solutions in conversations! (Talk exclusively to people about your problems, which can help you and think absolutely solution-oriented!)

Theorem 4
Rich people are arrogant and superior/presumptuous. Rich people often appear arrogant simply because they do not want to spend their time with people (as you may still be) who want to wallow in their problems instead of overcoming them, because that would be wasted time for them. (see sample 3)

Pattern 5
I do not have to change anything to be rich. (Also, in the sense that I can go on as I am now and still be rich.) The truth is that so much of your whole being has to change, yes, to turn 180 degrees, that you probably would not recognize yourself. (If you really did not have to change anything, you’d already be rich!) So, open up for „great“ changes!

Faith Pattern 6
The belief that you can become rich in an employee relationship, that is, when you are paid for a period of time. No one in life has that much time to get rich when you’re paid for time. You get rich by being paid for results or for something you did not invent yourself

Faith Pattern 7
Believing that one can not have everything, in the sense that either I am financially successful or I have good relationships and happiness in love. That’s just a belief, of course. You can have love happiness and wealth at the same time. You have to want it and allow yourself.

Faith Pattern 8
There is not enough money for everyone. Look at the huge sums of the financial markets. There is enough money for everyone.

Pattern 9
Rich people exploit other people. There are rich people who exploit others, but there are also poor people who exploit others. And it is not true with all rich people. You can also be rich with a good conscience.

Faith 10
Rich people were only lucky. Luck is of course no coincidence, but has causes. So that’s definitely a superstition.

1) Use of Positive and Supporting Affirmations / Thoughts Using positive affirmations about money and wealth will direct your attention to growth in this area.

My favorite affirmations on this subject are:
– I allow money and wealth to come into my life
– Money feels really good to me
– I receive money with open arms into my life
– I enjoy great financial success
– I draw money magnetically into my life
– I am open to wealth and prosperity
– I am worth living in wealth
– I deserve to be rich

How do I apply affirmations? I repeat these sentences with full attention and open attitude several times a day. It is enough to think the affirmations, but it can also be very powerful to pronounce them out loud, if that is possible. Affirmations that currently accompany me, for example, I stick to the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, the screen or to other places that I often have in my eyes with a post-it. So I automatically have memories to repeat the affirmations and to pay attention to the topic.
2) Releasing and getting rid of preloaded items (for example, wartime / poverty-related heirlooms) The family system stores the experiences of previous generations. These experiences remain stored until they are released or redeemed. They are also stored in personal belongings of the persons who were affected by this event. These items may be passed on as heirlooms, and thus this influence will radiate on the new owner in the family suite. Especially family jewelery, gems, garments and old furniture store old vibrations and information and thus can subconsciously burden subsequent generations. Sometimes it’s hard to part with these „memorabilia,“ especially if it’s the last piece left of the beloved grandma or grandpa. However, this can sometimes be the decisive step that will continue to block your own progress and your own development. From times of war such as projected into the rescued family silver the concept of poverty and loss; This remains stored and influences subsequent generations that had nothing to do with the time. Nevertheless, they are now experiencing this lack of condition in the present and wondering the cause.

Examples include:
– Garments (such as the mother’s wedding dress)
– Family souvenirs, coats of arms, seals
– War repertoire (uniforms / weapons)
– Furniture of any kind (the pretty antique inherited chest of drawers can possibly carry very painful memories)
– Cabinets
– family jewelry (Precious metals, especially gemstones)
– family cutlery
– tableware sets
– paintings, portraits, photographs

How can I find out which of the pieces weigh me down? In general, you can assume that all material possessions bind energy, and if you do not use them necessarily, it may make sense to separate them. In individual cases, it may also be useful to replace or dispose of necessary things. My experience here is that a fine intuition is already a good decision-making tool. In addition, I can recommend working with kinesiological muscle test procedures and related simple questions.
3) Energetic cleaning of the apartment, based on the Feng-Shui principles Feng Shui is the doctrine of harmony. The goal of Feng Shui is the harmonization of man and his environment. By special design of the premises can be achieved that energy can flow freely. This can be used in the home design e.g. be implemented by trained Feng Shui consultants. These free-flowing energies in the home affect the human energy system. Like outside, so inside. When a person moves in an orderly and free-flowing environment, it also positively enhances their own energy system and their own cash flow. Everyone can easily take basic measures for themselves, for example clearing out everything they no longer need from the personal environment. If things and personal belongings are not or are no longer used and dust in a corner, then there is a blockage of the above-mentioned energy in the apartment. As a practical tip here is the regular mucking and sorting out of unneeded items. The tendency to want to keep things and to be hard pressed to part with things can be an indication of energetic blockages in one’s own energy system. There are many complex rules in Feng Shui that share elements, cardinal points, and symbols, making it difficult to derive general recommendations. However, in general terms, a place in the southeast of the room or apartment is the right place to feed wealth and to create a clean, orderly and clean place for it.
4) Get a clear picture of your goal: Visualization We are strongly influenced by many external factors in our perception. Much of it happens unconsciously, but we can also control some things. Creating a clear image, detailed visualization of our goal is the first step in achieving it. So if the goal is wealth, wealth, and abundance, it is necessary to clarify this with pictures. Images of money, gold or the like in your environment affect your subconscious and help in this way, „unconsciously“ to invite money into your life. Practical tip: the Vision Board The Vision Board is a kind of collage that addresses your non-rational parts of the brain with highly emotionally appealing images and works on the emotional level. Walt Disney has said: If you can dream it, it is possible. Glue a canvas or a board with the best possible pictures to your perceived ideas. How do you feel when you are rich? When you are free? Which picture expresses that best? You can use this very well in glossy magazines, these aim with their advertising on just these levels of feeling. It is important that you integrate a picture of you and express the resulting image of the total harmony that you want to achieve. The more detailed, the better. How do I feel when I am rich and happy? Practice yourself to immerse yourself in this feeling. Place your vision board so that you pay attention to it several times a day, and think of adding or changing it as you become more aware of your goals.

10 keys to create your magical flow of money
1. Money follows the joy – not the other way around! Be happy! We often think: if I have the money, then … I’ll be happy – no, it’s the other way around. Choose NOW to be happy, do something that will make you happy and the money will show! Money can never be the resource – YOU are the source of all creation!
2. Please and it will be given to you – start living out of the question When it comes to money, we tend to conclude, „that’s the reality and there’s nothing you can do“. Error. When you ask for something or ask a question (without creating / waiting for an answer), you open up a space for new possibilities and the universe can deliver what you want. Question: How can it get better? What else is possible? What does it take for …… (this situation) to change? What are the endless possibilities, so ……. (Money) …… can come to me, as by magic? What can I add to my life that brings me endless joy? What magic can I create today? Be ready to receive! Also more of yourself! Then DO! Ask a Question – Possibilities Show – Make a Choice – Handle!
3. Your perspective creates your reality! How much views of money we have purchased as right or wrong from others that limit us in our cash flow. Which view do you have yourself? What if everything is just an interesting point of view? You can always choose new ones – and life will be so much easier!
4. Create a 10% account as a fee for you Give 10% of everything you take, as a reward for yourself and never spend it! Before you pay any bills! You’ll see your account grow – and you will not have the stress of having more money.
5. Make a claim on yourself! If you really choose abundance and wealth, then part of it is a demand on yourself: whatever it takes to change my financial situation now, I am ready to do it! You are the creator of your reality. Ask yourself: what choice do I have here? And write down all.
6. No ratings! Ratings (good-bad, right-wrong, etc.) of ourselves as well as things are the biggest factor that keeps us from getting and therefore also from the money we would like. Having no ratings means not being in the conclusion, but creating from the moment. Be playful, be thankful and create more of it.
7. Destroy and Disrupt Everything You Have Spent Money We are good at inviting money into our lives and at the same time there are many situations where we unload money or complain that we have none.
8. Make a lot of money with you Put in as much money as rich people would carry. Also different currencies. This creates an energy of „having money“. Are you really ready to have a lot of money? More than your family?
9. Recognize the magic you create! In all areas – including money! If you use these tools in practice, new things will show up, like magic! Recognize that it is your creation and keep on asking so that more can be shown.
10. The energy of your phenomenal life Energieball Exercise Play with the energy of your phenomenal life at least once a day – it is important not to want to find out what the „looks“ like, but to be the space and energy of it!

To add questions and clearings to money and business clearing statement (append to each sentence): e.g. What creation do I use to find out what is right and wrong instead of immersing myself in the infinite possibilities of being, anything that does not allow me to destroy and unrecognize! Right & wrong, good & bad, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds (or the short form: POD & POC) What infinite possibilities are there (XY) that I can not even imagine? Anything that does not allow me to destroy and incongruate now. Right and wrong, good and bad, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds).

What else is possible? How can it get better? What does it take for xy to be more fun, awesome and worthwhile? What magic can I create today? How much fun can I have today? What can I do differently today, be different, to attract the very people I can contribute to? Who could be a contribution to me here? What energy, space and consciousness can I be today to abound the invitation to money, now and in the future? What can I change here, which brings a different result immediately? What capabilities and potentials have I not yet recognized that, if I acknowledge them, would open up much more possibilities for me than I can imagine? What if that was not the case (xy) – what would have to change? Which fixed point do you choose to avoid the „non-functioning“to evoke and maintain that you choose? If I had no fixed view here, which magic could I create? Can I have the money, please? Can I have the money, please? Can I have the money, please? (10x per day – best every day, very playful) What bastardization of infinite reception do I never use to ask / ask what I really want, that I choose? What bastardization of infinite receiving do I use to create the rating I choose? What can I do, be, create, create or generate differently today, which now instantly creates an infinite amount of money in my life? What choice can I make today that will bring me more money than I need and make my life as joyous as I can not even imagine? What awareness do you deny that you could really choose, would you choose it, would everything change dynamically? Anything that does not allow you to have EVERYTHING, no matter what, you are destroying and you are now incongruous? What made you so vital and vital that you never be rich, that you could destroy the joy and ease of bringing money? What made you so vital and vital to money that it makes you a slave to money? What energy, space, and consciousness can my body and I be to be the generator of continuous flow of money, wealth, and abundance for now and for all eternity? What energy, space and consciousness can be my body and me that would allow us to never have enough money but always too much to spend it? What creation do you use to create and sustain the biomimetic imitation of the ways, ailments, realities, and financial realities of your father / mother / family that you choose?

What contribution to the universe, consciousness, humanity and the planet can I be today? What stupidity do I use to sustain the lack of money I choose? What do I not allow, that if I would allow myself to change my whole life – all this, POD & POC Who am I today and what great and glorious adventures will I and my body experience today? What are the endless possibilities here and now? What else is there for possibilities? How can it be even better / easier / faster? What would be fun and enjoyable for me today / now? What energy, space and consciousness can I be today to be a contribution to me, the others and the world? What energy, space and consciousness can I be today to attract the people for whom I am enriching? What does it take to receive / create € ______ now? What can I be or do today that allows me to receive more money than I previously thought possible? For your business additionally: Who or what can I add / make / meet to my business today? What contribution to my business can I be today? What contribution can my business make to me today? Business, what do you want to do today? Where do you want to be today? Who do you want to talk to today? Business, what do you need? what should be changed here? Can we change it? How can we change it? clearings and tools are inspired by Access Consciousness® and Gary Douglas
Which energy is which space and which consciousness can I and my body be in order to create daily new income streams in total ease. Everything that does not allow it to destroy and unkreieren. right and wrong good and bad pod and poc all nine boys and beyonds shorts

Very good book how to become money

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