Victim vs. offender vs. helper

In my seminars #theforceinyou i am always teaching that its a choice to be a victim or the offender. You can choose every 8 seconds a new reality and also be able to go into selfmastery and create the situation you want. Its always your choice if you go into selfresponsibility and do your thing and focus on the solution or you choose to be a victim of the self created problems and cry about them the whole life.

The top 3 excuses from a victim who dont want to go on in his life and love to stay in his paining comfortzone are ..: i have no time, i have no money, i have children… and the favourite words in their vocabolary is NO and BUT.

So how more you are aware of this how easier you will immediatly see if the person wants to be a victim or not. Victims always have a answer why they cant do anything and why they are trapped. So instead of letting go and looking for a new perspective they just want to be in right that they have the right to have their problem and they will defend it as long as possible. So dont listen to any storys and stop creating one. Its all about manipulation just that the person can stay in their own created victim role. Questions will be like : could you be so nice to do me a favour, because you are stronger, taller ect…no the real fact is you are just to lazy bastard /bitch and to comfortable in your confizone to do it by yourself. There are people without limbs who are more active and living then you!!

My favourite example is: imagine you go on the street and you see something shiny on the floor , it looks like gold, so you pick it up and when you got it in your hand and look closer you see it was just a chewing gum paper. So instead of just throughing it away and not thinking anymore about it, victims start to judge the whole situation that they are so poor that they pick up waste and so on just to create a story and make more drama in their life to get attention. So why do they need attention… it doesnt matter if you are a victim or the offender the only thing what the human cares is about winning. So he can win as a offender by feeling strong and secure by pushing the weaker once and the victim wins by always getting the attention by being soooo poor and they are graving for love.
So its now your choice what are you choosing? Do you still want to hold on, on your past and create your dramastory or can you just through the goldpaper away without judging and thinking about.

As long you have a fixed opinion about one case you never see the whole thing and you dont want to go on in life. So be ready too destroy and uncreate all of your setpoints and so called realities.
In kayak sport when you go into the river you come into the flow of water and there are also big rocks. So why are the kayaker driving directly to the rock… many people would see them as a problem and like to hide this rocks, for us the rocks are the humans/ the problems so we try to avoid all the time the problems and get stuck by complaining about it. The kayaker instead drives directly to the rock because he knows that infront of the rock is the fastes current, so instead of seeing a human as a problem who is standing in your way you can see him as a trampoline to go on in life.

But as long you have judgement about the situation which comes from a past experience you limit yourself by going on in life to grow to start living to get new experiences ect…
There are 2 kind of people once are like sheeps and the others are horses, the sheep just want to eat all day and go with the crowd and the horse want to be more alive and explore and try out different things.So you cant change a sheep to become a horse right? To see a vicitm and take your energie to them you have to stop yourself from your flow. So stop blaiming the victims to be vicitms and tryinig to change them you only can change yourself. So your choice is not just to be a vicitm or beeing the victor, the way of selfmastery is that you even dont matter what comes up, because everything is just experience, its more about awarness of the present moment because we are all the time in this roles. So how more you are aware of your programm how easier you will have it to go on and open new possibilites instead of being traped in your programm. If you are interested in what you are really capeable off and be ready to let go of your victim or offender roles i am happy to see you in my selfmasteryworkshops. have a nice day and leave your experience…

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