Mag. Alexander Krakolinig


Alexander Krakolinig, born in Klagenfurt, went the path of extremes in all areas.

His journey began intensely 12 years ago after he had a herniated disc and no one could help him for 1.5 years. Through interesting "coincidences" he found a new path and broke away from extreme sports and explored human potential.

8 years ago he successfully completed his sports science studies and has so far traveled around 50 countries where he explored fascinating megalithic sites, pyramids and stone circles and also had a lot of extraordinary and crazy experiences on his travels. From rituals that worked through to remembering many of his previous lives to UFOs and spirits, his spiritual path was as extreme as it was in sports. Consciousness research using dozens of healing methods, Vipassana silent retreats, 1 month of light nutrition 8 years ago, 2 weeks of dark retreats and medicinal plant retreats with shamans brought him on the path of detachment from identification and to various stages of consciousness.

For several years he has been teaching the essence and secrets of spiritual teachings, skills and powers in The Force in You seminars to guide people on a more effective path to self-mastery.


Psychic Healing, Animal Communication, Aerokinese, Telekinese, Medium, Contactless fighting, Psychometry, Protecting items, Seeing without the physical eyes, changing taste of drinks, Aurareading, Seing spirits, Thermoregulation- Tummo, Precognition, Clairvoyance, Spoonbending, Pastlife remembering, Hypnose etc.

Levitation, Level of consciousnes 1000, Different Dimensions, enteties, Working with shamans in Ecuadormexico etc.

Alexander is currently traveling and only coaches and treats in exceptional cases. Until he is back in Europe, the Force in you team will mainly do the coaching and healing. Before you decide on an appointment, prepare yourself by looking at his texts and seminar videos so that his way of working is understood and the transformation is faster and more effective. Thank you very much.



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