Rasim Osman - The Force in youRasim Osman
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Rasim Osman was born in Germany in 1994. He has been a dancer in the urban subculture hip-hop since 2013.

Numerous workshops, seminars and stays abroad gave him the skills and abilities to independently lead dance lessons and set up competition groups. With his group Keraamika, they have countless worldwide successes. They have been running their own dance school, Das House of Dance in Aalen, since 2016 and are teaching their students in dance and, more recently, in awareness with The Force in you.

Because he has been actively involved in sports since he was eight years old, his ambition and discipline are well developed and he has always been calm, what defines him personally. In 2016, Rasim underwent its first major transformation. He attended a weekend seminar by Alexander Krakolinig in Germany that was organized in her own dance school. The seminar touched him deeply and triggered a deep change in him, which led him to discover his spiritual abilities and he remembered his self-empowerment again. Since that day he has been attending awareness seminars regularly and practicing energy work in the form of meditations, Chi Gong and many other possibilities. Most recently he has been teaching the essence and secrets of the Spiritual Teachings, Skills with The Force in You, to inspire people to remember their empowerment, just as it happened to him. He would like to equate dance and spirituality and connect them with one another.

Energy and awareness work, meditation, Qi Gong, body intelligence, aerokinesis, telekinesis, quantum healing, Wing Tsun, changing the weight of objects.


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