What is love? Why are people jelouse? How to become the Dreampartner?

In the last time i asked a lot of times different people what is love and mostly they described me what desire is.because they never saw it that way. I will show you by an example what i mean.

So if you love something like your child or your pet you always will love it doesnt matter what they do.right?So its unconditionally love. you dont expect something back. And if i would say to you now deep into your eyes i love you. You would feel weird if you dont know me or be a man you would think are you gay or what do you want from me. But if i would say you are an asshole you wouldnt care that much or if you take it personal you may say you too.

But the fact is we dont have enough selflove so if someone says i love you, our mind already thinks i have to say i love you back, but i dont even have any love feeling for myself because we become programmed not beeing enough how we are, so we are afraid and uncomfortable when someone would say this.

Because people say: I love you.. but mean i want you and if you want something its desireand desire is always pain, if you are still not your own god to create everything immediatly. So people only love people if they do what they like and if they change they dont love them anymore and then people say oh the person changed so much or i was blind i never saw this. of course not because once it was no love and because of your deep feeling from your hormons.

You just want this person and if the person change or are not be like you thought you find out you cant love it anymore. but a relationship is not that you will find someone who is perfect in all things for your mindset its about to grow togehter. because only if you love yourself how you are you can accept the others how they are. and then you can help each other with everything and dont like to manipulate to your best. so if you look in the common relationships its just about a big egogame between man and woman. who can control more it doesnt matter with what (feelings, money, sex)

The same is with people say i miss you, i need you…the only thing you need in life is yourself, we are all egos we just dont like to see it. We are just to scared to look into ourself who we really are and what we are really here for, so we are just playing a role in a big system wich is build with fear and lies but thats a other topic.

You never need to miss a person we are all connected. Missing comes from desire and desire is always pain. If you love someone unconditionally you will never miss someone because you can feel them all the time just close your eyes. If you think you will need a partner in your life to make you happy you will always get dissapointed you have to be happy with yourself first.

So its desire and this is the reason of pain in relationships, because people like to change others and thats the reason why so many people are afraid of the love, because they are afraid of the pain. You have to open your heart without any doubts and understand that you will always get the right person in your life to learn your life lesson. how more you will face your fear and pain and find out its just a old belivesystem/illusion you will come to more and more people which live the fully love what they are, because everything is created by love. So when you can hate someone (your partner) you have to love him first otherwise you wouldnt even care, because its the same channel but this love is not unconditional this is the desirelove.

So when you are still looking for love you will run in circles for nothing, because you never can find love.. love is never away you are love…you are a channel who can send and recieve love. you just need to let go of judgement and see the person infront of you as a human being and not as a programmed computer what you are able to love or not if it suits into your reality… so when you allow yourself to be this channel you can love everything!


Why are people jelouse?

If people are jelouse of rich or stronger people its just because they dont belief that they could reach the same level, so they are hating them but actualing they hating themself by making themself a victim, because the dont allow themself to push them to a higher performance and give up before they try.

So being jelouse is a selftrust problem, so they dont trust them self so they are reflecting their lackfeeling on their partner. The problem is that how more you project this kind of feelings how more you will bring your partner in this position to really cheat on you. Because your feelings creates reality and when you are always in fear of getting cheated you just will manifest it, because with your selftrust problem you will make your partner crazy and he will go to another person. The other funny thing is when i have been in meditaiton i was thinking how can someone being jelouse when we are all connected to each other and we all had already sex with each other. The reason is that people think that if my partner have sex with someone else, that he cant love me at the same time or he dont have so much love to love both. But love and sex are 2 different energies . i can fully love a person but dont feel the sexual energie, because of some trauma or what ever. you can feel totally attracted to someones energie, but you dont feel any love. So the highest loveact what you can do is to allow your partner to have sex with others, because then you really love him, because you want his highest best and you are not conditioning him.The other thing is that people are mostly loving to do the forbidden things, but when you already allow him then he dont really want it and will think about it differently and being thankful for just a real open loving person and real truth and love can come into a relationship. I dont say you should fuck around because you are horny and you dont have control about your desires, thats something different, i am talking about real connection and letting go of the ego in a situation. when you try to force love it will go away, when you allow to let go it will come back.

So follow this rules to get a better relationship.
Its never the other person fault …its never the reason of the problem what you are fighting with the person at the moment…
nothing change till you change.. and pain is your unfullfilled desire and resistance against a thing you dont accept

If you dont rest in yourself, looking to someone who gives you this rest
if you dont know to do something with yourself, your are looking for someone how gives something to do
if you dont love yourself , you looking for someone who gives you love
if you are sad , you are looking for someone who cheer up .. and so on

If I am quite happy, satisfied and in peace – then I need no one.
If I dont need anyone anymore – then I can be the ideal partner: without demanding love.
Love without compromise. Since it is pure love and no desire

So for me is love a strong feeling which can create everything, it comes from the heart and you can send it to everyone and sometimes you find another heart which is on the same wave or you can exchange some information to create something bigger. love its about accepting and supporting each other not about changing someone. you will change yourself and everything will be possible when love acts through you.

So love is a strong feeling so you cant never explain a feeling with words because words are limited and people have there own meaning to different words. so if you want to explain someone love so hug him for some minute, tell him its nice that you are here and you are thankful that you know him. even if he cant accept this compliment, if you say it fully from your heart and feel what you say, it will touch him and thats a good way to open the heart that more and more people can send and accept love people are just afraid to fully open themself because they experienced once the pain and so the never really start to open fully. but you only can get fully love when you start to open yourself to recieve and if you can live it ,everybody will see it in your eyes your whole charisma because this fresh feeling its kinda of being free, being in the moment, being leaded, being in secure, being without thinking,just being… brings you in a status of a constant joy.

Feel free to share if you like it. Have a beautiful life and live in peace love fun unity freedom and harmony.


Why i don't get my dreampartner?

Mostly people having a picture about their dreampartner. but when love hits you people wouldnt say that this wasnt my dreampicture, but you deeply love him or her. women are mostly afraid to be alone, but are the lions in every relationship, if they really want a man they will get it they will know it before you know funny thing when the man still thinks that he is the hunter …. sorry bro you are traped before you know

But to come back to the topic, the problem why we dont get the dreampartner is because we dont allow it…

Yes that easy  sometimes we dont even have a clear picture about it, but something more limitating is that we have a limit, we say its to good to be true…(if we would really meet him) so we have a limit for everything, a maximum of money, maximum of health, maximum of love.

So if you come close lets say 3000euro a month and this is your maximum what you can imagine, then you go back immediatly to your fear comfort zone(because this zone you know already and something you dont know makes you more feared),  instead of going through saying yes and giving yourself more value.but in the mind we think then : do i need to work more for this money? what do i need to change now?doubts and fear comming up? we are so afraid of this big change that we become sceptic. and the same is with the perfect partner if the partner is to perfect you get scared  and looking for problems, because its to good to be true.if you think this cant be true, i can only say i experienced this 6 years ago. she was the first person in my live where i couldnt find one thing i dont like, but after 2 weeks i just didnt felt ready and flirted with other girls and this gave me so much pain, that i needed to quit the relationship, because i dont like to cheat and it felt already like cheating and she was to important for me that i would play with any feelings and i also couldnt even understand why i flirt with other girls when i meet the perfect person in my life. And i think 99% are still waiting for their prince even if they are still in a relationship (you can ask every girl if they are honest),  just because of the fear of being alone.  so when are you ready to allow your life to be easy and brilliant? or do you still prefer the known comfort fear zone instead of living a joyful life? change your limit have a nice day


A poem to my love

something new came into my life
it feels already that you are my wife
in just a short time what happend to us
we both dont know why but we can live with thus
i dont wanna know anything about you
because the only thing what is important is you
i also dont really care what do you actual do
i dont need your past experience to see if i match or i can handle you
not stuck in concepts how you should be
if you fart or burp just let it be
no judgement not detached in everything you think
because we both feel connected an uncondiontional lovelink
because the love to you is totally free
no need to change its unconditionally
you are mirrowing myself with the love to everything
so we are standing like twins just as a pure being
its gifting myself in the present moment to you
and the same thing is what i am feeling from you
total acceptance in the being of you
nothing to do then just loving you

Thank you

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